Under special circumstances, AMREF Flying Doctors provides a charity evacuation service, whereby AMREF Flying Doctors will evacuate a patient in a serious medical condition free of charge. A total of 21 charity evacuations were carried out in 2011, an increase from 16 in 2010. As described in the following accounts, the process is one that requires a rapid response and the provision of the high-level medical care that has become the cornerstone of AMREF Flying Doctors’ assistance services. Charity evacuations are supported by donations from various sources: internationally by the staff of IBM Sweden and AMREF Italia and locally by companies such as J.W. Seagon, a Nairobi- based insurance company who donated more than US$6,500 to the programme in 2011.

An Overview of charity evacuations consideration and guidelines

1. Medical

Is the patient in a life threatening condition and does the patient have a good chance of surviving the evacuation flight? Is the prognosis for the patient likely to be significantly improved by air ambulance intervention?

2. Social

Is the patient a supporter of dependants especially children? Will the paitent have the means to return home after the treatment? Will the event of death at a location create an irrevocable burden to the family/relatives?

3. Funding

Is the patient covered by insurance or have any other means by which the patient can be covered for by a third party? Does the patient or family appear to have adeuate funds to pay for the flight in part or full? Will the patient be able to contribute to the cost of treatment at the hospital?

4. Other

Does AMREF have a suitable aircraft available?(AMREF will not normally normally charter a craft for a free evacuation). Does weather allow an immediate response?

altAMREF Flying Doctors operates a fleet of 14 air ambulances, 12 of which are leased from Phoenix Aviation, and 3 ground ambulances, all fitted out with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

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